Quest:An Inspiration to Men

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An Inspiration to Men
Level 15
Type Solo
Starts with Any Captain Trainer
Ends with Hazel Kenton
Ends at West Gate
End Region Bree
Map Ref [29.6S, 52.8W]
Quest Group Captain
Class Captain
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have grown both in strength and confidence, <name>, but you have not yet reached your potential. You must learn to inspire your friends even when all hope seems lost, for you are a beacon against the darkness.

'There is a captain in Bree, Hazel Kenton by name, who fought the brigands of the region when they first became bold enough to venture near the towns of the Chetwood, and even now she commands the respect of many a town guard. Captain Kenton could teach you a thing or two about the nature of leadership, I expect.

'She often stands watch at the West-gate of Bree-town, even when her own duty has ended. Seek her out and learn from her, <name> -- we of Bree-land need more captains like Captain Kenton.'


The mark of a great captain is the ability to inspire others to greatness, and their loyalty and friendship are the truest rewards.

Objective 1

Hazel Kenton, a captain of great renown, is at the West-gate of Bree-town, in the Bree-land.

You have been told to speak with Captain Kenton if you wish to better yourself.

Hazel Kenton: 'You have come to lend your arm to fighting brigands and your voice to bolstering the flagging spirits of our people, have you not? Then you are most welcome, Captain <name, and I greet you with glad heart! There is a matter I would ask your help with, if you are willing to give it.
'Hilton Harper was a guardian of Bree for some months when the brigand troubles began, and he was a shield between the brigands and the good folk that live on the Bree-fields. But ill fortune befell Harper in the shape of a formidable brigand out of Brigand's Watch by the name of Aldis Oatbearer -- he humiliated Harper and took his badge from him. Harper's life was spared, but do no mistake Oatbearer's action for mercy!
'Harper was devastated and has given in to hopelessness and misery. Find Harper's lost badge and return it to him at Thornely's work-site, north-west of Bree. Brigand's watch is north of the Old Sweetgrass farm, west of Bree, and Aldis Oatbearer is likely still lurking somewhere within its ramparts. We need Harper to fight once again, <name>. If you can recover his badge, it may inspire him to rejoin the defence of Breeland, and you will truly be a captain of merit!'

Objective 2

Aldis Oatbearer has been seen at Brigand's Watch, north of the Old Sweetgrass farm west of Bree. Hilton Harper is at Thornley's work-site, north-west of the town.

Captain Kenton has asked you to recover Hilton Harper's badge from Aldis Oatbearer, the brigand that stole it.

Aldis Oatbearer says, "I'll humiliate you the same as that Harper fellow!"

Objective 3

Hilton Harper is at Thornley's work-site, north-west of Bree-town.

Now that you have recovered the stolen badge, returning it to Hilton Harper might restore his confidence and inspire him to rejoin the fight against the brigands menacing the Bree-fields.

Hilton Harper: 'What is this? You recovered my badge? I...I don't know what to say, <name>. Aldis Oatbearer was as cruel as they come, and I thought he had taken my honour forever -- I was lost to despair.
'But you have shown me that there is always hope. I will not shame myself with despair any longer! The people of Bree-land must be defended!'
Hilton Harper says, "You have awakened me from my foolishness, and I thank you for it!"
Hilton Harper says, "I will make the Blackwolds pay, my captain!"
Hilton Harper says, "I am my old self again!"
Hilton Harper says, "Hilton Harper falls upon you, blade singing!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Hazel Kenton

Captain Kenton is at the West-gate of Bree-town.

Hazel Kenton will want to know that you have successfully restored Hilton Harper's will to defend the Bree-fields from those who threaten the peace.

Hazel Kenton: 'You have done very well today, <name>, and I begin to see in you the spark of a truly great captain.
'A captain inspires those who follow him to great things, but loyalty given lightly is not certain. It can be attained only through bonds of friendship hard-earned. Hilton Harper would follow you to his death after this, if it came to that, for you gave him back something he had lost: his faith in himself. Hilton needed a Captain to show him the strength he though was gone forever.
'Do not squander the loyalty of those who believe in you, <name>, and you will be a worthy captain indeed.'