Quest:Aiding the Thane and His Daughter

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Aiding the Thane and His Daughter
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Thane Cynegar
Starts at Scylfig Mead Hall
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [33.4S, 59.7W]
Ends with Cyneberg
Ends at Scylfig
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [33.7S, 59.9W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: Writhendowns
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My daughter Cyneberg will need help with the preparations for battle, if you have time to spare for her.

'She is a strong girl, and I trust her to make us ready. You can find her in Scylfig; she will tell you what you can do to aid us.'


Thane Cynegar and his daughter, Cyneberg, need help with preparing Scylfig for an Orc-assault.

Objective 1

Cyneberg can be found in Scylfig, unloading battle-supplies from storage.

You should assist Cyneberg, the Thane's daughter.

Cyneberg: 'Well met, <name>. You come from Thrymm's camp, did you not? He and I are to be wed soon; if you have his loyalty, you have mine as well!
'If you wish to help us, I must unload these supplies that we just pulled from storage. Scylfig has not needed arms such as these in many a year.
'Will you deliver the supplies around the town?'
Cyneberg welcomes you as best she can at this troubled hour

Objective 2

  • Pick up the wood slats
  • Pick up the barrel of arrows
  • Pick up the food rations

Arrows, wood slats, and food rations can be found at the cart near Cyneberg.

You should deliver the battle preparations around town so that the people of Scylfig can brace for the looming Orc attack.

Objective 3

  • Deliver the wood slats to the waggon east of Cyneberg
  • Deliver the food rations to the waggon north of Cyneberg
  • Deliver the barrel of arrows to the waggon west of Cyneberg

The battle-readying items you gathered can be distributed around Scylfig.

You should bring the preparatory items to various points throughout Scylfig.

These rations will allow the villagers to keep up their strength
Scylfig's archers will now be ready to fell many of the Orcs that dare to approach
The villagers here can now finish boarding up their homes

Objective 4

  • Speak with Cyneberg in the centre of Scylfig

Cyneberg is in Scylfig.

You should speak with Cyneberg.

Cyneberg: 'Thank you, <name>! That was a speedy delivery. The battle is nearly upon us ... I can feel it.
'Where is Thrymm? I want to wish him luck before it begins -- not that he needs it!'