Quest:A Windy Walk Through Wistmead

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A Windy Walk Through Wistmead
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Walaric Goldworthy
Starts at Wistmead
Start Region Wistmead
Map Ref [70.74N, 113.61W]
Ends at Wistmead
Quest Group Harvest Festival
Quest Chain Wistmead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Hallo there! It would seem word has begun to spread about Wistmead!

'The Harvest Festival has long been my favourite of all the festival of the Shire, and after seeing that prank old Mr. Baggins played on Lobelia, I was inspired to craft something of my own. And here it is!'

Clearly proud of his work, Walaric gestures wildly in every direction.

'To my delight, Ermentrude Haybank, Halinard Bunce, and Iris Tunnelly have devised a number of new games and activities for the Harvest Festival.

'If you find them wandering the field, be sure to introduce yourself!


Wistmead embodies the very spirit of the Harvest Festival.

Objective 1

Ermentrude Haybank, Halinard Bunce, and Iris Tunnelly can be found in Wistmead.

Walaric Goldworthy has asked you to explore Wistmead and acquaint yourself with the other festival-hands. You should take a look around.

Ermentrude Haybank: 'It is impressive, isn't it? Most mazes are not spooky, but the maze of Wistmead certainly is!
'Rumour has it that the wheat shifts in the night, reshaped by an unseen scythe. Careless hobbits might become lost in its winding pathways, and once that happens, they are seldom seen again....'
Ermentrude pauses for far too long.
'Until I go in and find them, of course. If you want to give the maze a try, I'll be here!'

Halinard Bunce: 'Hullo! Is this your first time in Wistmead?
'Welcome, welcome! I am Halinard Bunce, and I manage a few of the festivities here in Wistmead. I've a skilled hand in carving gourds and I dabble in crafting interesting ales!
'Of course, I am not quite so skilled as to join the ranks of the Inn League, but I hope the Harvest Festival affords me the chance to prove myself! Alas, my Fognoggin ale seems to be more 'interesting' than well-regarded, but I've laboured to improve its recipe. You are welcome to try it while you explore the spooky sights and sounds of Wistmead!
'I have heard tell that the Wistful Oak has a mind of its own, but it is just an old tree... right? Perhaps you should go and see for yourself!'
'But enough about me... there is plenty of fun to be had here in Wistmead! I'll let you get to it!'

Iris Tunnelly: 'Dear me! Have you been standing here for long?
'I am Iris Tunnelly, and I bid you welcome to Wistmead! I am quite new here myself, but I've done well to help Mr. Goldworthy and the others prepare the field for the Harvest Festival.
'How did I come to be here, you ask? Oh, you didn't ask? Well, it was the strangest thing!
'I was just leaving Staddle when a cloaked woman of Bree approached me. I did not know her face and she gave no name, but she begged me to bring to her any lost cats that wandered into the festival grounds. How could she know such a thing? But not an hour after I arrived in Wistmead, I found these cats wandering around the Wheat-maze!
'Aren't they adorable? Well, don't let them fool you! They are a handful!
'Between you and me, I think Mr. Goldworthy could stand to fill that old, smelly bog, but I have never been so excited for the Harvest Festival!
'Perhaps you can help us make Wistmead even better!'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Walaric Goldworthy

Walaric Goldworthy can be found in Wistmead.

You have explored Wistmead and become acquainted with the other members of his team. You should return to Walaric Goldworthy before joining in the festivities at Wistmead.

Walaric Goldworthy: 'Very good!
'I hope you enjoy Wistmead as much as we enjoyed building it, <name>!
'On behalf of all of us, welcome!'