Quest:A Well-ordered Mind

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A Well-ordered Mind
Level 15
Type Solo
Starts with Any Lore-master Trainer
Ends with Dorset Oakes
Ends at The Yellow Tree
End Region Bree-land
Map Ref [32.6S, 48.1W]
Quest Group Lore-master
Class Lore-master
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Your studies continue apace, <name>. Creatures of nature see in you a friend and ally, and the mysteries of the past lie untapped before you. There is always more to learn, but you have an understanding of this Middle-earth that few others can reach.

'One of the greatest lore-masters of our day was a man by the name of Benton Oakes. He maintained a vast store of knowledge -- old tomes and scrolls, small trinkets of unusual heritage. It is said that Benton came to an unhappy end, but he is survived by his son Dorset. Dorset, too, is a lore-master and undoubtedly learned much from his father before Benton met his fate.

'A great tree grows south-east of the village of Staddle, known for the golden leaves it bears all year-round, and Dorset Oakes often tarries there in contemplation. Seek him out, and perhaps he will divulge some of his father's mysteries to you.'


There are many secrets to be found in the histories of the Free Peoples, waiting only for the careful study of a lore-master of skill and patience.

Objective 1

Dorset Oakes is often deep in contemplation at the Yellow Tree, south-east of the village of Staddle in Bree-land.

You have been told to speak with Dorset Oakes in the hope that the lore-master may be able to instruct you.

Dorset Oakes: 'Welcome, <name>. Rumour of my father's wisdom has oft brought lore-masters such as yourself to hear my words, and I fear sometimes that they leave me in disappointment. I do not have the knowledge my father had; indeed, his way of thinking was so very different from my own that I cannot comprehend even what he considered most simple!
'Consider the organization of his library. He found a suitable cave in the rocky hills of Bree-land and took it for his private library, filling it with books and scrolls collected over the course of his long life. But whenever I seek to find one of the books of which he spoke to me, I am completely at a loss. He entrusted me with a catalogue detailing which books could be found on which shelves, but the system simply made no sense to me, and I was careless with the pages. Now I have only the last one! Brigands and goblins have no doubt found the others by now. Without the full catalogue, how am I to find "On the Hardiness of Animals in the Wilderness"? My father assured me before his death that it was on a shelf in his library.
'I will share with you the wisdom contained between its covers if you help me find this book, <name>. The library is large, and we can search it unaided if you like, but it would certainly be easier with every page of the catalogue. I do not know where they may be, but searching for them will make the book easier to locate. We will need haste, for the goblins have been digging dangerously near to it and are certain to break into the library soon. Speak with me when you are ready to go -- here is the only page of the catalogue I still possess.'
Collected Benton's Catalogue, Page Three

Objective 2

Dorset Oakes is at the Yellow Tree, south-east of the village of Staddle.

Dorset Oakes has asked for your help in locating the book "On the Hardiness of Animals in the Wilderness," and has told you to speak with him when you are ready. He mentioned that the three pages of his father's catalogue would make finding the book much easier.

Dorset Oakes: 'Are you ready to travel with me to the cave that contains my father's library? I ask only that you keep its location a secret.
'I hope you do not think I am being too forward, but...have you located any pages of my father's catalogue yet? We can search unaided, but perhaps you will be able to learn on which shelf "On the Hardiness of Animals in the Wilderness" resides from them where I failed. No doubt some goblin, brigand, or treasure-seeker of Bree-land has found the pages and carried them off by now.
'If you feel confident that you know on which shelf the book resides, I am ready to travel as well!'

Objective 3

  • Bring the book he sought to Dorset Oakes

Dorset Oakes is often deep in contemplation at the Yellow Tree, south-east of the village of Staddle in Breeland.

Dorset is waiting to speak with you after your successful retrieval of the book he sought.

Dorset Oakes: 'You have my thanks, Lore-master <name>, and more besides, for I will share with you the teachings that lie between the covers of the book we retrieved.
'Such is the path of wisdom, my friend. It is best shared!'