Quest:A Renewed Defence

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A Renewed Defence
Level 84
Type Solo
Starts with Hubyrt
Starts at Hubyrt's House
Start Region Sutcrofts
Quest Chain Walstow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ho there, <name>. I have another task for you, if you can spare the time.

'The guard-captain has requested aid in assembling new barricades along the border of Walstow.

'He has the materials at the ready - he just needs them positioned along the rocks at the edge of town.

'If you do this, we will all be able to rest easier knowing the Orcs will have far fewer openings from which to attack us.'


Hubryt of Walstow is concerned that the town is vulnerable to attack from the increasingly present Orc forces. He has suggested that you use the supplies of the town to construct new barricades along its border.

Objective 1

  • Construct barricades along the border of Walstow (0/8)

Hubryt mentioned that ideal locations for new barricades can be found scattered along the outskirts of Walstow.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Hubryt

Hubryt can be found in central Walstow.

Hubryt: Well done, <name>… these should aid us in repelling any Orcs that are foolish enough to assault us directly.
'I will inform the guard-captian that the task is completed.'