Quest:A Pillage Denied

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A Pillage Denied
Level 100
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts at The Deeping-coomb
Start Region Westfold
Quest Group The Deeping-coomb
Quest Text


The invading army has overrun the wall and is attempting to raid and pillage the various resources found within the Deep. The storehouses and stockpiles of supplies must be protected from the vandals. The Rohirrim Siege schematics remaining in the coomb must be carried to a secure location, or they risk falling into the enemy's hands.


  • Defend the supplies and storehouses from waves of enemies (0/7)
  • Do not allow the guards to be defeated (0/3)

The equipment storehouses and stockpiles of supplies must be secured before the invading army can destroy them. Schematics can be picked up and stored at the water-mill. The larger provisions must be defended from direct attack.

Merit Rating

This quest starts with Partial Merit Rating.

  • Major Merit Gain
    • Schematics are delivered to the water-mill
    • Supplies protected from all enemy waves
    • Storehouse protected from all enemy waves
  • Major Merit Loss
    • Supply crate is destroyed
    • Storehouse is destroyed
  • Minor Merit Loss
    • Storehouse guard is defeated