Quest:A Perilous Parley

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A Perilous Parley
Level 103
Type Solo
Starts with Glánhar
Starts at Ost Rimmon
Start Region Beacon Hills
Map Ref [47.8S, 37.1W]
Quest Chain Far Anórien: Beacon Hills
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I can make neither head nor tail of what this tatter-tongued shepherd is trying to say. There is a bad man it seems, and a message, and I can get no more. I wonder, is he speaking in the tongue of sheep or of men?

'Bah! It might be Dwarvish, for all I know. Why don't you try and see if you can get anything out of him.'


A troubling message comes to Lady Glánhar of Ost Rimmon.

Objective 1

The shepherd and Lady Glánhar stand at the centre of Ost Rimmon.

Lady Glánhar cannot make out what the flustered shepherd is trying to tell her. You should speak to him yourself and see if you can get anything out of him.

Lavandir: 'A m-m-message the bad man b-b-bade me bear to Lady Glánhar. Only every time I think of- of- of what I've got to say to her, my heart quails and my tongue stumbles and right full tumbles over itself.'
He takes breath and continues.
'I was standing the shade of a tree talking to one of my sheep, when I looked up and there they were, all about me, fearsome swords in hand. And then the bad man fixed me with his ey and spoke.
'He holds the lives of three sons of this place in his hand, he said, and for a sum of gold he might let them slip through his fingers. He bade the keepre of this place - Lady Glánhar he must have ment - to meet him upon the eastern slope of Calenhad, above the river.
'I beg you, <race>, to say it to the Lady here for I cannot!'

Objective 2

The shepherd and Lady Glánhar stand at the centre of Ost Rimmon.

You should tell the shepherd's message to Lady Glánhar: that she is to meet the captor on the eastern slope of Calenhad to bargain for the lives of her three sons.

Glánhar: Glánhar's shrewd eyes go wide.
'What? My four sons and husband when to war after the last beacon. Unless - but he holds only three sons? What can it then mean...?'
Her face grows very sober.
'I see. If this ransomer said not my name but only 'The Keeper of Ost Rimmon', then I shall play the prudent course and send another in my stead.
'Now, where is that blasted fool Gondrad? Hoping to weather my wrath it seems. Will you find the rascal for me? He is sulking somewhere in Ost Rimmon, I am sure.'

Objective 3

Lady Glánhar asked you to find Gondrad, who should be found somewhere within Ost Rimmon.

Gondrad: 'Ah - you've found me! Wait a moment, who are you?
'No matter. You have clearly come from beyond these walls and this bodes doubly ill for me. First, because if you came from out there, then Lady Glánhar will deem it safe enough to send me out there. And second, because she has surely sent you here to summon me for just that cause. Unless she merely wishes to whip me with another thirty lashes of her tongue! Oh, I deserve the lashings well enough. But even a guilty hound will hide his snout from his mistress' wrath.
'Well, there is no escaping it! Let us go and hear my Lady's command.'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Lady Glánhar

Lady Glánhar stands at the centre of Ost Rimmon.

You should go with Gondrad and learn what Lady Glánhar wishes to do about the ransomer.

Glánhar: 'Ah, there you are. Gondrad, you craven rascal, listen to me.
'I have received grim tidings that my sons and perhaps your Lord never reached Minas Tirith, but were waylaid by some enemy captain or highwayman on the way. As you should rightfully have been with them, I am sending you to treat with the ransomer.
'<class>, I ask this of you: go with Gondrad and keep him safe. He has much to answer for, but I deem a foolish death to be insufficient punishment and a general waste of penance. I have no one more capable of keeping him save, I am afraid, and must rely on you.'

Objective 5

  • Meet the ransomer

Go to the meeting-spot, south-east of Calenhad, on the bank above the river Sírnarthan.

You hear a rustling. Ambushers jump out of cover!

Objective 6

Ambushers have jumped out of concealment on the way to meeting the ransomer. Defend yourself!

Objective 7

  • Go on to meet the ransomer

Continue looking for the meeting-spot, south-east of Calenhad, on the bank above the river.

A Variag captain stands waiting for you

Objective 8

The meeting-spot is south-east of Calenhad, on the bank above the river.

Talk to the Variag Captain and learn what he wants for the lives of Glánhar's sons.

Jarl Akhiz: 'Am I to believe that one of you is the keeper of Ost Rimmon? You are what, a fool of a stable hand and a hired guard? You must think Jarl Akhiz dull indeed!'
Akhiz lets out a savage chuckle.
'You drew the short straw, did you not, stable hand? Ha ha! But this guard looks to be of some mettle.
'Well, no matter. I hold two sons of the Lord of Ost Rimmon. In exchange for their lives, I demand two things: their worth in gold and, because I think you, <class>, can win it for me, a brooch that was stolen from me by a rival Jarl of the Variags. You will find his camp to the north-west, near the Firien Wood. He'll have it in some chest or another there, I am sure.
'When you have these things, you will bring them to me in the cellar in Bâr Nadhron. Now go, else I raise my price again.'

Objective 9

  • Return to Glánhar

Lady Glánhar stand at the centre of Ost Rimmon.

You should return to Lady Glánhar with the Jarl Akhiz's demands.

Glánhar: Lady Glánhar listens to your account of the meeting.
'So it is a cunning wolf we are dealing with, then. Hm! Gondrad, I am not done with you, don't go creeping off. I must think a moment. What does this man stand to lose? To gain? what does he know that he has not said?'
She falls silent with a frown.