Quest:A Mischievous Breeze

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A Mischievous Breeze
Level 60
Type Solo
Starts with Istarien
Starts at Telain Galadhrim
Start Region Caras Galadhon
Map Ref [15.3S, 67.9W]
Quest Group Lothlórien
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Mae govannen, <name>. How are you enjoying your stay in Caras Galadhon?'

Istarien appears distracted and distant as you give your response. After a moment, she apologizes.

'I am sorry, my friend. I was writing a letter to Bruicheron's brother Rilhathel, but a sudden gust of wind grabbed the pages and has carried them from this flet out across the city!

'There were five pages, and some of what I was writing could be considered very private...a matter not for the accidental viewing of others! If you can recover the pages of my letter from the surrounding area, I would be most grateful!'


Istarien has lost to a mischievous breeze the pages of a letter she was writing.

Objective 1

  • Collect windblown pages (0/5)

The five pages of Istarien's letter to Rilhathel can be found on nearby flets and in the area around Istarien.

The pages of an embarrassingly private letter Istarien was writing have been scattered onto nearby flets by a mischievous breeze, and she wants you to retrieve them.

Objective 2

  • Bring the pages of the letter to Istarien

Istarien is on one of the upper flets of Telain Galadhrim.

You have recovered the pages of Istarien's letter and should now return them to her.

Istarien: 'Thank you so much, <name>! I will keep a tighter grip upon the remaining pages as I continue to write my letter!

'You did not read it, did you? It is nothing embarrassing. Truly, it is not!

'Take this with my thanks, <name>! I will be more careful in the future!'