Quest:A Gift for the Master

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A Gift for the Master
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Dagrun
Starts at Lake-town: The Master's Manor
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [17.3N, 26.8W]
Quest Group The Dale-lands
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Mervárth stopped by earlier to congratulate me on my new position and asked for your help if you can spare a moment. He should be in the Council of Wares Headquarters if you would like to go speak with him.'


Mervárth would like to give a gift to Dagrun as congratulations for her new appointment. Help Mervárth gather the supplies needed.

Objective 1

Mervárth can be found in the Council of Wares Headquarters in Lake-town.

You should talk to Mervárth.

Mervárth: '<name>! Great to see you, as always! Listen, I want to get Dagrun something special in honour of becoming Master. If you're willing to do the work for me, we can say it's a gift from both of us! Keeping her on my good side is imperative to my success!
'So, I have an artisan lined up for the job. Her name is Rísta and her shop is in Dale. You will need to bring her a brass ingot from Erebor and some wood for carving. Not a huge piece, about so big?'
He holds his hands about 3 feet apart to show the size.
'Try the docks here in Lake-town for that. Please hurry, I'm so excited to see the look on Dagrun's face!'
You realize that Mervárth forgot to mention what the gift is

Objective 2

  • Talk to Eigár the Dock-worker

Eigár can be found in Lake-town.

You should talk to Eigár.

Eigár: 'Mervárth needs some wood? Why? No, never mind, I don't want to know what he's up to. Unfortunately, we are out of wood. You're going to have to get some from the Forester north of here. Good luck, he can be a bit prickly.'

Objective 3

Víthog the Forester can be found in the Dale-lands north of Lake-town.

You should talk to Víthog the Forester.

Víthog: 'What do you want? A small amount of wood? Not worth my time. You can go take something from the scrap pile. Be quick about it.'

Objective 4

  • Try to find an appropriate piece of wood (0/1)

The scrap pile can be found near the Forester's house.

You should search the Scrap Pile for a good piece of wood.

SCRAP PILE "A pile of bits of wood cut from larger pieces."
This piece of wood will work!
PIECE OF WOOD "A sturdy piece of wood."

Objective 5

Málmi the Ore Trader can be found in Erebor.

You should talk to Málmi.

Málmi: 'Hail, friend. Here for a brass ingot? I can smelt you one right away. I will need you to choose one ore of copper and one of calamine from the table here.'

Objective 6

  • Collect Copper Ore
  • Collect Calamine Ore

Copper and Calamine Ore can be found nearby in Erebor.

You should collect a Copper Ore and a Calamine Ore.

CALAMINE ORE "Calamine ore from Erebor."
COPPER ORE "Copper ore from Erebor."
Collected Copper Ore
Collected Calamine Ore

Objective 7

Málmi the Ore Trader can be found in Erebor.

You should talk to Málmi.

Málmi: Málmi takes the ore from you. You watch as he swiftly transforms the rocks into a bar of pure metal. He hands it to you.
'Since this is part of a gift for the Master of Lake-town, I will not charge you for my services. Give her my regards and tell her Lake-town has friends in Erebor!'
BRASS INGOT "Freshly smelted brass from Erebor."

Objective 8

Rísta can be found in Dale.

You should talk to Rísta.

Rísta: 'Ah, you must be Mervárth's friend. I just need the wood and brass to get started.'
You hand her the brass ingot and the piece of wood, and then watch as she begins to transform them. The wood is carved into a likeness of Dagrun, in a particularly heroic pose, and the brass hammered into a base. To finish the piece, Rísta engraves the base to say "The Greatest Master." She sees your reaction as you read it and chuckles.
'That was what Mervárth asked to be engraved! I believe that's just the kind of relationship he has with Dagrun. It is done and already paid for in full. You may take it to Dagrun.'
STATUETTE OF DAGRUN "A statuette depicting Dagrun, carved from wood with a base of brass."

Objective 9

Dagrun can be found in the Master's Manor in Lake-town.

You should talk to Dagrun.

Dagrun: 'What is this? A gift from Mervárth?'
You hand her the statuette. She looks confused until she reads the engraving and then bursts out laughing.
'Mervárth! He likes to give me a hard time for being humble. "You're Master of all Lake-town now, throw your weight around a little!" This will go on my desk as a reminder of my station and a reminder that I should do something nice for Mervárth one of these days. Thank you for your part in this, <name>.'