Quest:A Champion's Courage

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A Champion's Courage
Level 30
Type Solo
Starts with Any Champion Trainer
Ends with Slade Ransford
Ends at Ost Guruth
End Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [31.3S, 29.5W]
Quest Group Champion
Class Champion
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Word of your deeds has travelled far, <name>, and you have become much sought-after by those who have need of such a champion! I've heard it said that Slade Ransford, himself a champion of no small skill, wants to meet with you to discuss a mission of some urgency.

'Slade makes his home at Ost Guruth, the Ruin-hold in the Lone-lands, if you wish to answer his call.'


A true champion does not balk even at overwhelming odds, but relishes the opportunity to test his skills against such force.

Objective 1

Slade Ransford is at Ost Guruth, the Ruin-hold of the Lone-lands.

Slade Ransford has been asking about you, and wishes for you to speak with him about an errand of some sort.

Champion Trainer: 'Slade Ransford is in Ost Guruth, the Ruin-hold of the Lone-lands, and rumour is that he wants to speak with you about some errand that requires the might of a champion.'
Slade Ransford: 'Welcome, <name>. I heard of your victories in Bree-land and rejoiced in particular that you slew Morley the Fierce. A truer name for him would be "Morley the False!" He had long been a foe of my family, and I am glad that you put an end to his villainy.
'It is with confidence that I then ask for your help, <name>, for I know you to be a true champion. A band of Orcs have come to the ruins of Ost Cyrn, not far from here, and I know that together we can drive them out. These lands may be wilderness, but every yard of land we allow the Orcs to take brings them one yard closer to Bree-town, and the lands of good folk!
'The leader of these Orcs has the vile name Mosal-ruk, and he, like others of his kind, will not resist a challenge issued from a true champion. Let us journey together to Ost Cyrn, <name>, defeat Mosal-ruk's war-band, and put an end to his designs on the Lone-lands!'

Objective 2

Slade Ransford is in Ost Guruth, the Ruin-hold of the Lone-lands.

Slade Ransford is waiting to travel with you to Ost Cyrn to enact his plan to drive out the Orcs that have settled there.

Slade Ransford: 'Are you ready to depart? I know that we can defeat Mosal-ruk and his war-band, and the minstrels will sing of our valour when we return victorious…probably.
'Are you ready to go?'
Complete the A Champion's Courage instance quest.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Slade Ransford

Slade Ransford is in Ost Guruth, the Ruin-hold of the Lone-lands.

Slade Ransford is waiting for you to speak with him about the events at Ost Cyrn.

Slade Ransford: 'Your victories over Morley, Zhurpukh, and Fair Sherman were not accidental, <name> -- you are a mighty champion indeed, nd you have proved it sevenfold this day! The defeat of Mosal-ruk is already being spoken of by the minstrels I have seen, and that tale is sure to grow in the telling!'