Quest:A Celebration at the Greenfields

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A Celebration at the Greenfields
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Calendui or Mákr or Sorrel North-took or Tom Wheatsheaf
Starts at The Festival Garden or Thorin's Hall Inn or The Party Tree or The Hedge Maze
Ends with Sigismond North-took
Ends at Brockenborings
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [27.2S, 67.7W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Calendui: 'Merry Ethuilwereth, my good <race>! Do you enjoy the festivities of Duillond? I hear the little-folk of the Shire are hosting a great celebration of their own, in a little town in their north country. They celebrate the greatness of a hero of their own kind.
'I have never been to a festival of the halflings, but I believe it will be a joyous event! Perhaps I will see you there.'
Mákr: 'I hear an awful lot of mutterings about the hobbits and their inferior ales and beers. As it happens, I plan to be taking a trip to the Feast of the Greefields myself to see if their legendary green beer is anything more than just a strange colour.
'Where is the feast, you ask? I hear it is held in the northern town of Brockenborings. Will I see you there?'
Sorrel: 'Welcome to Hobbiton! If you have come here for the Feast of the Greenfields, you have gotten off the wrong stop -- You are looking for Brockenborings, my friend! It is up the road, beyond Overhill.
'I expect to be heading there myself before the day is out to toast the mighty Bullroarer. I hope to see you there! It is always a good time to be had.'
Tom Wheatsheaf: 'I am not much of a traveller, and i keep to my own folk where I know all is safe, if you take my meaning. I overheard some of the halflings of Staddle going on and on about their people's great feast away west, in the Shire. The Feast of the Greenfields, I believe it is called.
'The oddest thing, though, was their mention of a green beer. Green! I am quite happy with our own amber-coloured brews in these parts, thank you very much.
'If you are interested in such oddities, you may go to the feast of the little folk whenever you please! i am content here.'


The Feast of the Greenfields is a treasured holiday in the Shire, taking place in the northern town of Brockenborings.

NOTE:This quest will be removed from your quest log when the current festival ends.

Objective 1

The Feast of the Greenfields is being held in Brockenborings in the Shire.

You should speak with Sigismund North-took in Brockeborings for your introduction to the day named for the Bullroarer.

Calendui: 'The halflings seem to enjoy some strange customs! I shall delight in going to the Greenfields to see all for myself, if my kinsmen ever return from the Maze.'
Mákr: 'Have you visited the Feast of the Greenfields yet? I look forward to going. We shall see how the hobbit-brew holds up against the local ales of Thorin's Hall!'
Sorrel: 'I am heading to Brockenborings to toast the Bullroarer, as soon as I am done here.'
Tom Wheatsheaf: 'I do not think I will go to Brockenborings myself. It seems a rather strange custom.'
Sigismond: 'Welcome, welcome! Welcome to the Feast of the Greenfields. Are you here to pay your respects to the Bullroarer? There is plenty to do!'