Quest:A Captain's Standard

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A Captain's Standard
Level 30
Type Solo only
Starts with Captain Trainer
Starts at Any Captain Trainer
Ends with Jarl Copperbrace
Ends at Othrikar
End Region The North Downs
Map Ref [7.3S, 45.2W]
Quest Group Captain
Class Captain
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have gained some measure of fame as a Captain of Men, <name>, and your name is spoken by those in need of hope. A traveller gave word to me that a dwarf by the name of Jarl Copperbrace has tried to send word to you, requesting your assistance with a small matter.

'The dwarf planned to stay at the mining settlement of Othrikar, in the North Downs, for a time. If you set forth soon, you might arrive before the time for your help is past!'


A captain must willingly go forth into danger, for he inspires by example, and in that is his aid most needed.

Objective 1

Jarl Copperbrace is in the mining-settlement of Othrikar, in the North Downs.

You have received word that Jarl Copperbrace has requested the assistance of a true captain.

Captain Trainer: 'Jarl Copperbrace is waiting for you in Othrikar, in the North Downs. Go to him as soon as you can, for he apparently has an errand of urgency that requires a mighty captain to see it through!'
Jarl: 'You received my message, I see! Well, it's like this...I was having a quiet drink or three in an inn down in Bree-land, when I fell into conversation with a Man by the name of Hilton Harper. He spoke very highly of you and recommended that I seek you out. If you are as great a Captain as he thinks you are, <name>, you will surely have little difficulty helping me with this task.
'The Dourhands have been a real thorn in our side for some time now, and wherever we drive them from our lands, they find some hidden nook in which to establish themselves. They're like cave-claws in that respect, though a Dourhand generally smells worse. False-beards all!
'A party of Dourhands has taken residence in the nearby ruins of Ost Galumar, to the chagrin of my fellows here in Othrikar. I have been given several standards of the Free Peoples, and I want them raised over Ost Galumar. Speak to me when you're ready to go, and together we will travel to the ruins.'

Objective 2

Jarl Copperbrace is in the mining-settlement of Othrikar, in the North Downs.

Jarl Copperbrace is waiting to travel with you to the ruins over which he wants you to raise three standards of the Free Peoples.

Jarl: 'Are you ready to go? Let us travel to Ost Galumar, you and I, and raise the standards of the Free Peoples high over the ruins! We'll show those thin-bearded Dourhands a thing or two about good, stout-hearted folk!'

Objective 3

Jarl Copperbrace is in Othrikar, in the North Downs.

Jarl Copperbrace is waiting to speak with you about your expedition to Ost Galumar.

Jarl: 'We showed those Dourhands a thing or two, didn't we? Ha ha! It did me a world of good to see the standards of the Free Peoples flying again over Ost Galumar, and I know I'm not alone!
'Always stand defiant against your enemies, <name>, and your tale will inspire any who hear it. Even if it comes to death, to make a last stand against Evil is no bad thing, if others hear your tale and are bolstered in the telling of it.'