Quest:A Beacon of Hope

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A Beacon of Hope
Level 89
Type Solo
Starts with Meregyth
Starts at Gris-shâtroful
Start Region Eastfold
Map Ref [68.1S, 60.8W]
Ends with Meregyth
Ends at Beaconwatch
End Region Eastfold
Map Ref [69.8S, 57.1W]
Quest Group Fenmarch
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Now that you have cleared a path through the camp, I think it will be safe for me to leave.

'I will travel to Beaconwatch, as it is nearer and more heavily fortified than Fenmarch. There is a spot near the Mead Hall that overlooks Firienwood. I like to go there when I need to be alone.

'Beaconwatch is just down the road to the south. Meet me there when you are finished here.'


After you saved Meregyth from the Boar-tribe Orcs, she went to Beaconwatch and waits for you there.

Objective 1

Beaconwatch is south along the road.

Meregyth told you to meet her at Beaconwatch.

You have arrived at Beaconwatch

Objective 2

Meregyth might be found near the Mead Hall of Beaconwatch.

You have found safety within the fortified walls of Beaconwatch and should now seek out Meregyth to ensure that she arrived safely.

Meregyth: 'I still cannot help but be sad; however, I realize that I am fortunate to have my life after being taken by those dreadful Orcs. I know in time that the pain will subside, but for now I cannot help but grieve for my misfortune.
'I should not burden you so with my troubles. I cannot thank you enough for your bravery and honour. There is no telling what those Orcs would have done had you not arrived.'