Quest:3. Interlude: The Ox and the Dragon

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3. Interlude: The Ox and the Dragon
Level 85
Type Session Play
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Gléowine's map
Starts at Nona's Cave
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Your eye is drawn west across the map, beyond the borders of Rohan, and comes to rest upon the rocky hills of Dunland. You wonder what has become of Halbarad and the Grey Company since you left them.


As you study the contours of Gléowine's map, your mind is drawn to wonder what has befallen the Grey Company in the time since you left them.

You have travelled with Saeradan into Enedwaith and have stopped for the night at Lhanuch on your way north with the waggon containing your fallen comrades.

Objective 1

Your mind travels far as you study the map, musing on the fate of Radanir and the Grey Company.

Meanwhile, in Enedwaith, Radanir speaks with the people of Lhanuch about the deteriorating situation to their south...

"Meanwhile, Radanir of the Dúnedain brings tidings of Lheu Brenin's betrayal to the Uch-lûth in Enedwaith."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Saeradan outside the gates of Lhanuch

Saeradan is standing outside the gates of Lhanuch, and wishes to speak with you.


'Another day of our journey nears its end, Radanir. Let us see if Uch-lûth, the Ox Clan, will consent to stabling us for the night.
'We have tidings from the south to give to Glynn Brenin, as well. Do you remember how highly he spoke of Lheu Brenin and the Falcon Clan? The news that his southern neighbours have thrown in with Saruman will not please him.'
Saeradan says, I will see to the horses while you meet with the Brenin. And Radanir... try not to jest.

Objective 3

Glynn Brenin can be found near the top of the village, in front of his dwelling.

Uch-lûth Villager says, You return after mere days, Ranger. Where is the rest of your company?
Glynn Brenin says, Radanir, wanderer-from-afar! You return to Lhanuch, but without the rest of your company?

Glynn Brenin:

Glynn Brenin's open face grows cloudy and troubled as you speak of the Grey Company's betrayal by Lheu Brenin and the Falcon Clan.
'Alas for your fallen, and for the hopes of my people, Radanir. If Lheu Brenin has succumbed to the whispered promises of Saruman, how can we hope to persevere 'gainst him?'
Glynn Brenin snorts. 'Lheu was not as strong as I believed, Radanir. That must now be the truth. His weakness, buried deep, has emerged and betrayed us all.'

Objective 4

  • Listen as Glynn Brenin decides his course of action
Glynn Brenin says, Do you remember Anirin, the Falcon Clan messenger your brave friend rescued from Lhaid Ogo?'
Glynn Brenin says, His leg is nearly healed, and he was soon to return to Tûr Morva.
Glynn Brenin says, Find him down the hill a way, and tell him of his people's treachery. Watch him closely.
Glynn Brenin says, If he knew the heart of his Brenin was rotted, he must be made to pay for his deceit.

Objective 5

  • Talk to Anirin down the hill in Lhanuch

Anirin can be found down the hill in Lhanuch.

Anirin, the messenger of the Falcon Clan who has been recovering in Lhanuch from a leg injury, should be told what has happened in Tûr Morva.


'The Rangers have returned! What can you tell me of my home? Did you not travel to Tûr Morva in Tâl Methedras?'
Anirin's face falls as you describe the Falcon Clan's betrayal of the Grey Company, and despite your natural skepticism, Anirin's reaction seems genuine.
'What of my family? Do you have any news of them? My beloved is named Wenda, and she is no warrior. Is she in danger? And my mother Seren is aged and would not know to still her tongue, if she were put in a precarious position! What can you tell me of my family, Ranger? Speak!'
Anirin says, What was that noise? Something is happening, Ranger, by the gate!
Anirin says, Follow me!

Objective 6

  • Run with Anirin to the source of the commotion

Objective 7

  • Talk to Suvulch at the west-gate of Lhanuch

Suvulch of the Uch-lûth is by the gate, confronting a large and hostile force of Dunlendings.


'Not now, Ranger. There are rude ones outside this gate that need a lesson in manners!'

Objective 8

  • Witness the confrontation between Suvulch and the Dragon Clan
Suvulch says, You are not welcome here, worm-spawn!
Suvulch says, What brings you crawling to Lhanuch on your bellies?
Draig-lûth Raider says, I speak for the Dragon Clan.
Draig-lûth Raider says, Any of the Uch-lûth who lay down their weapons will be spared.
Draig-lûth Raider says, All others will be slain.
Anirin says, Dunlending cannot fight Dunlending! This evil cannot be allowed, Dragon-clan!
Draig-lûth Raider says, You have the look of a Falcon about you, but you sound like a weeping woman.
Draig-lûth Raider says, The Dragon and the Falcon are allies today.
Draig-lûth Raider says, Help us slay these Oxen and you will have a share of the treasure.

Objective 9

  • Talk to Anirin

The Dragon Clan has offered Anirin a chance to share in the treasure taken from Lhanuch. Talk to him at the West gate of the village.


'This man says the Falcon Clan and the Dragon Clan are now allies. If this is true, then my decision is made easy.'

Objective 10

  • Defeat your foes
Anirin says, In truth, it is no decision at all!
Suvulch says, Ha ha ha! This Falcon still has honour!
Suvulch says, For Wadu and Nona!
Anirin says, A man must follow the voice of his heart to know true goodness, and I have done so!
Suvulch says, Ranger! Go and protect the Brenin!

Objective 11

  • Talk to Glynn Brenin atop the village

Glynn Brenin is near the top of Lhanuch, fighting off warriors of the Dragon Clan.

Glynn Brenin:

'The Dragon Clan are not alone, Radanir! They brought the worms they worship down from the mountains with them, and they are loose in the village! Help my people drive them away, Ranger!'

Objective 12

  • Find and defeat the worms loose in Lhanuch (0/3)

The Dragon Clan has released worms throughout Lhanuch, and Glynn Brenin wants you to defeat them!

Worm of the Draig-lûth:

The worm hisses at its trapped victims, and lumbers in for its meal. You have to get its attention!
'Over here, worm! Over here! Let me get a look at that ugly visage of yours, and see if I can work any improvements!'
As the worm closes for battle, you wonder if you could have fashioned a better battle-cry.
Uch-lûth Villager says, Thank you, Ranger!

Worm of the Draig-lûth:

This worm has not noticed your approach, and though it pains you to attack unaccompanied by a shout borne of your sharp wit, you do so anyway. There will be time enough, and worms enough in Lhanuch, for you to think of something clever in the meantime.
Uch-lûth Villager says, Curse the Dragon Clan!

Worm of the Draig-lûth:

The worm snaps its fangs together as it menaces its prey.
'Oh, what is that horrible stench? Is that you, worm? It is! It is a wonder you creatures are even able to breed!'
Uch-lûth Villager says, I nearly had it, Ranger... but I am grateful all the same.

Objective 13

  • Talk to Saeradan outside the gates of Lhanuch

Saeradan is outside the gates of Lhanuch.

Now that the Dragon Clan has been driven away from Lhanuch, you should speak with Saeradan.


'I think that is all of them, Radanir. Did I hear you shouting something about the worms smelling foul? It sounded like you, friend.'
He grimaces.
'When the fighting started, the horses bolted and the waggon rolled down the hill. You should help me find the waggon, and then... I think you should take the other horse and return to Halbarad.'
He raises a hand to still your protest.
'I can drive the waggon north by myself. You are of more use in a fight than I am, and if the Falcon Clan and the Dragon Clan have joined together, as it seems they have, Halbarad will have need of strong fighters. You may continue north with me if you desire, but I think you should return to Halbarad and tell him what happened here.
This should be goodbye, my friend. For now.'