Quest:2. Interlude: One More Journey

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2. Interlude: One More Journey
Level 85
Type Session Play
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Gléowine's map
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Your eye is drawn west across the map, beyond the borders of Rohan, and comes to rest upon the rocky hills of Dunland. You wonder what has become of Saeradan and the Grey Company since you left them.


As you study the contours of Gléowine's map, your mind is drawn to wonder what has befallen the Grey Company in the time since you left them.

Objective 1

  • Study Gléowine's map and complete 'Interlude: One More Journey'

Your mind travels far as you study the map, musing on the fate of Saeradan and the Grey Company.

Clicking on the map again launches a session play as Saeradan.

"Meanwhile, in Enedwaith, Saeradan brings a waggon of his fallen brothers north for one last journey..."

Objective 2

  • Walk with Radanir and investigate the sudden chill


'I am sorry I have made us stop, Saeradan, but something is not right Do you feel it? I feel a chill in my very bones. I have not felt such a dread since... I do not wish to say.'
Radanir shudders
'We have driven this waggon with our fallen brothers this far already, and we have much farther to go yet... but I want to set my mind at ease before we proceed. Do you agree, Saeradan? Then walk with me for a short way. We will not go far.'
Radanir says, "Saeradan, walk this way with me, if you will."
Radanir says, "The chill intensifies! Do you feel that?"
Radanir says, "Stay alert, Saeradan!"
Radanir says, "Oath-breakers! Oath-breakers of the Forsaken Road!"
Radanir says, "Stay back, faithless ones!"
Radanir says, "I will not tell you again!"
Radanir says, "Saeradan, ready yourself! We have seen how little honour these shades possess!"
Cursed Britou says, "If the pup reaches into the fire and is burned, who is to blame? The pup or the flame?"

Objective 3

  • Allow the oathbreakers to pass

Cursed Britou:

'I offer you no words of contrition, Dunedan. If you seek out Men such as we are, you deserve any ill that befalls you. Learn from the lesson, and put your trust in those who deserve it.'
'We abandoned the Mountain, thinking to escape the chain of our suffering, but there was no escape from it. There was no end to our days, no relief from the night. Only fools stumbled upon us, and those paid with their lives. If you seek the Dead, only death awaits you. '
'But my people learned from yours that our curse may yet be lifted. If an heir of Isildur’s lives still, as your kin pretended, the glimmer of that hope may be rekindled. We love you not, but we will not slay you this night. We return to the Mountain. We will not come this way again. '

Cursed Britou says, "To the Mountain we return, to await the ending of our curse, if such a thing may be."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Radanir along the Forsaken Road


'I did not think to encounter those dead men again, Saeradan. Many of our friends and brothers were slain at their hands. How many went beneath the earth along the Forsaken Road, and did not return into the daylight? Good men, all.'
Radanir pauses, and you can read his thoughts on his face, as plain as day even in the gloom of night.
'The oath-breakers have abandoned the Forsaken Road, Saeradan. Now is the time for us to return there and rescue the bodies we were forced to leave behind. We must bring them back above-ground and to the waggon of our fallen. We must do this at onc& Let us go, and quickly!'

Objective 5

  • Fight alongside Radanir in the Forsaken Road


'This place holds mainly painful memories, Saeradan. Let us find the bodies of our fallen kinsmen and leave as quickly a we are able.'
Radanir says, "The oath-breakers may be gone, but there could be other dangers along the Forsaken Road."
Radanir says, "Rats!"
Radanir says, "No, Saeradan, I mean it! Rats!"
Radanir says, "We must save our fallen kin from the rats, Saeradan. They deserve better."
Radanir says, "Vile things."
Radanir says, "Drive away the rats, Saeradan!"
Radanir says, "Saeradan, five of our kinsmen did not emerge from this place."
Radanir says, "Find where each of them fell, and we will begin carrying them to the waggon."
Radanir says, "Watch out for the rats!"

Objective 6

Pay your respects to your kinsmen who fell along the Forsaken Road (1/5)
You gaze upon the fallen form of Hodhon, and think of the delight upon his face each time he recovered a curious artifact from the ruins of Annüminas. Many were the nights you spent warming yourself by the fire while Calenglad explained to Hodhon the historical significance of the artifact he had found, and the memory brings a smile to your face even now. This grim road should not be his tomb. You and Radanir will see to it that he rests at last along the shores of Nenuial that he so loved.
Hodhon lived in service to the Grey Company and fell upon the Forsaken Road

Objective 7

  • Pay your respects to your kinsmen who fell along the Forsaken Road (2/5)
Calithil kept to himself, and in that way he was much like Aragorn your chieftain. He strode often in the Trolishaws ‘neath the moon, and it was he who introduced Radanir to Elweleth at Thorenhad. He used to jest that he did it only to make things difficult for Radanir. He will rest more easily beneath the trees, perhaps a stone’s throw from the sound of Loudwater.
Calithil lived in service to the Grey Company and fell upon the Forsaken Road

Objective 8

  • Pay your respects to your kinsmen who fell along the Forsaken Road (3/5)
Linnor was well-known to you, for he lived on the Bree-fields and often visited your cabin to share a meal and the news. He was generally well-regarded by Man and Bree hobbit alike, and it was Linnor who helped Burle Pierson construct the frame for his farm-house south of Bree-town. Linnor did not range as far afield as many of your kin, and his decision to join the Grey Company was not an easy one. You hope he knows, somehow, that his service was not for nothing. You and Radanir will make sure he is laid to rest among the comfortable hills of his home.
Linnor lived in service to the Grey Company and fell upon the Forsaken Road

Objective 9

  • Pay your respects to your kinsmen who fell along the Forsaken Road (4/5)
You gaze upon Himeldir’s face with deep sorrow, for you remember how much he argued against coming to the Forsaken Road. He believed the words of Ergothorn should not be trusted, and thought seeking beneath the earth for the honourless ones to be a foolish journey. He spoke of it to you an private, and shared his concerns with Candaith, but in the end he agreed to walk the Forsaken Road. From that point onward you heard no complaint from him, and he descended bravely. am sorry, Himneldir,’ you whisper to his fallen form. ‘Be at peace, my kinsman. We will not leave you here.’
Himeldir lived in service to the Grey Company and fell upon the Forsaken Road

Objective 10

  • Pay your respects to your kinsmen who fell along the Forsaken Road (5/5)
Radanir says, "If it were me, Candaith, I might not have tried telling falsehoods to the undying shades of traitors."
Radanir says, "Ah, I am sorry, my friend."
Candaith was dear to you, and you still keenly feel the pain of his loss. He often came to visit your cabin on the Bree-fields, and many were the nights the two of you spent in quiet conversation about the events of the day. The conversations became more serious and more grim as the shadows deepened in Middle-earth, but your favourites will always be those that were full of smiles and laughter.
'We came back for you, my brother. We should not have left you here for even one day. Forgive me, Candaith.'
Your words hang in the still air.
Candaith lived in service to the Grey Company and fell upon the Forsaken Road

Objective 11

  • Once you have honoured the memory of your kinsmen, Radanir will help you bring them outside


'I am ready for us to carry our fallen brothers outside, Saeradan. Let us not delay. They have remained in this terrible place for too long already.'

Completed: Interlude: One More Journey.'