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  • 25m Range
  • Melee Skill
  • Improve your ally's defences. Enables you to react to attacks made against this ally if within 10m.
  • +... Evade Rating
  • +... Parry Rating
  • +... Block Rating
  • Toggle Skill
  • Cooldown: 10s

General Information

Class: Guardian

This skill is unlocked by gaining the The Fighter of Shadow trait set bonus Protection (Trait)-icon.png Protection


Using this skill causes the effect Protection-icon.png Protection  to occur on your target.

Tactical Information

This is a very powerful skill that significantly enhances group play, simply put it on whoever is most likely to be hit (besides you), and your reactive abilities will trigger even if you aren't being pounded on.

The skill will automatically toggle off if your target moves out of range.