Prized Tame Redhorn-goat

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Tame Redhorn-goat (skill)-icon.png
 Prized Tame Redhorn-goat
  • Induction: 2s
  • The Iron Garrison Miners have been training Redhorn mountain-goats to use as mounts. These sure-footed creatures can traverse the rocky passageways of Moria where no horse could go. This is one of their tame goats, making it not as fast as others.
  • Speed: +32%
    Morale: 100

    Unable to evade.
    Unable to parry.
    Unable to block.
  • Toggle Skill


This skill is granted to all races when the item Tame Redhorn-goat is used. It is a reward for the quest [51] To the Dolven-view, and it can also be purchased from an Iron Garrison Miners Trader.

The default name for Men and Elves is Gitter.
The default name for Hobbits and Dwarves is Tullie.

See Mounts for different types.


Prized Tame Redhorn-goat