Premium Housing - Stately House

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Premium Housing - Stately House
Region: Western Gondor
Area: Cape of Belfalas
Location: [, ]
A Stately House in the Cape of Belfalas
The Stately House is the smallest premium house available.
Notable Gondorian Magistrates and aging lords of reduced means have occupied these respectable abodes.
This house offers 124 interior decoration hooks, 18 exterior hooks, and access to shared housing storage.
Note: Upkeep is waived for VIPs.


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House Address Location Purchase
1 Cliff Road [86.7S, 67.0W] 145 Mithril Coin  Gold 
1 Bay Road [87.9S, 66.2W] 145 Mithril Coin  Gold 
2 Bay Road [87.4S, 66.4W] 137 Mithril Coin  Gold 
1 Cape Road [92.2S, 63.3W] 243 Mithril Coin  Gold 
2 Cape Road [91.8S, 62.1W] 145 Mithril Coin  Gold 
3 Cape Road [92.1S, 61.7W] 243 Mithril Coin  Gold