Premium Housing - Deluxe Kinship House

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Premium Housing - Deluxe Kinship House
Region: Western Gondor
Area: Cape of Belfalas
Location: [, ]
A Deluxe Kinship House in the Cape of Belfalas
There are two types of Deluxe Kinship House.
Deluxe Kinship House – Hills of Belfalas
One type of the Kinship Houses rests atop a hill, overlooking the rest of the neighbourhood and the bay. These have typically housed the wealthiest of merchants and the older, local bloodlines of Belfalas nobility. It has over 180 interior decoration hooks and more than 36 exterior decoration hooks.
Deluxe Kinship House – Kinship Island
The other type of Kinship Houses is on its own island, accessible by boat from the Cathlond docks. Among the highest families of Gondor have claimed these for their summer retreats. It has 180 interior decoration hooks and 63 exterior decoration hooks.
Note: Upkeep is waived for VIPs.


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House Address Location Purchase
5 Bay Road [87.0S, 65.0W] 707 Mithril Coin  Gold 
2 Silver Street [89.7S, 63.1W] 745 Mithril Coin  Gold