Piercing Cry

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Piercing Cry-icon.png
 Piercing Cry
  • 40m Range
  • Immediate
  • Tactical Skill
  • Resistance: Cry
  • Skill Type: Cry
  • Your shout does light damage to your enemies and can interrupt their actions.
  • ... Light Damage
  • Interrupts inductions
  • Removes up to 1 Corruption effect from the target.
  • Cost: [166 at Level 130] Power
  • Cooldown: 10s

General Information

Class: Minstrel

Level required: 4

This is the version of Piercing Cry in Harmony-icon.png Melody stance. For the versions in the other two stances, see Piercing Cry-icon.png Dissonant Piercing Cry and Piercing Cry-icon.png Resonant Piercing Cry.


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