Oxi (Thorin's Hall)

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This page is about the Summer Pipeweed Vendor in Thorin's hall. For the quest NPC in Jazârgund, see Oxi (Jazârgund)
Image of Oxi
Title Pipeweed Vendor
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Thorin's Gate
Settlement Thorin's Hall
Interior Thorin's Hall Inn
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.2W]


Oxi is a Pipeweed Vendor who during Summer Festivals is found in the Thorin's Hall Inn, down the basement.


Item Cost
Craft: Ingredients
Lengalenas Seed-icon.png Lengalenas Seed 15 Copper 
Stonecrop Leaf Seed-icon.png Stonecrop Leaf Seed 15 Copper 
Summer Green-weed Seed-icon.png Summer Green-weed Seed 15 Copper 
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Lengalenas Pipe-weed 1 Silver 35 Copper 
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Stonecrop Leaf Pipe-weed 45 Copper 
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Summer Green-weed Pipe-weed 2 Silver 25 Copper 
Recipe: Farming Tier 1
Apprentice Farmer Recipe-icon.png Stonecrop Leaf Field Recipe 10 Silver 35 Copper 
Apprentice Farmer Recipe-icon.png Stonecrop Leaf Pipe-weed Recipe 10 Silver 35 Copper 
Recipe: Farming Tier 3
Expert Farmer Recipe-icon.png Lengalenas Field Recipe 41 Silver 25 Copper 
Expert Farmer Recipe-icon.png Pipe-weed Recipe 41 Silver 25 Copper 
Recipe: Farming Tier 5
Master Farmer Recipe-icon.png Summer Green-weed Field Recipe 82 Silver 50 Copper 
Master Farmer Recipe-icon.png Summer Green-weed Pipe-weed Recipe 82 Silver 50 Copper