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Image of Orchith
Role Forge-master
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Enedwaith
Area Fordirith
Settlement Echad Dagoras
Map Ref [58.6S, 14.6W]


Orchith of the Grey Company is a Forge-master in Echad Dagoras.

At a Forge-master, you can Identify and Re-forge your Legendary Items.
When you find, barter or craft a Legendary Item, you will not be able to wield it initially. You must first travel to a Forge-master and have the item identified. During that process anywhere from two to four legacies will be revealed on the item.
Every ten levels you need to re-forge your Legendary Item, therefore you need to bring it back to the Forge-master as he will do this for you. This process unlocks the next ten levels of advancement. You can only unlock advancement up to the item’s max level. You will have one last re-forge at the item’s max level, though it will not unlock additional advancement.
You can perform two other actions when you choose to re-forge a Legendary Item. You can rename the item or refund all of your spent legend points. If you choose to refund legend points, the rank of all of your legacies will be set back to one, and all of your legend points will be refunded. Your legend points will also be refunded on any legacies that have been upgraded as part of re-forging, so be sure to check them out before heading back into the field.
Forge-masters can also imbue legendary items of level 100 or higher, unlocking their power even further and allowing them to truly grow with you as you level up to level 130.