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Image of Olwen
Gender Female
Race Man
Region Dunland
Area Tâl Methedras
Settlement Tûr Morva
Map Ref [74.7S, 8.3W]

Olwen has a sister, also called "Olwen": apparently it is quite common for them to be confused.

Quest Involvement


"What do you want?"

The outside world can creep in.
You tell Olwen that despite the work of the Bounders, sometimes the outside world manages to sneak a toe inside the Shire without invitation. She seems very concerned by your account of the dwarf Olwir, who sought to capture a stone-troll in the Rushock Bog and gift it to his allies in the north. 'They would not have dared such a thing in this land,' she says. 'Lheu Brenin would not have allowed it!' Her exclamation brings to mind Mayor Whitfoot, and you wonder briefly what Lheu Brenin would make of Old Flourdumpling.
We hobbits certainly like our jokes
You try to think up a good example of hobbit humour, and decide to tell the story of Fogo Fallohide, who dressed up in a black cloak at night and tried his very hardest to haunt Odovacar Bolger's farm by night. 'That can't have been very frightening,' she says carefully, and the two of you share a laugh.
No, not really.
Things are not always what they seem!
Olwen nods as you tell her that things are not always as they seem, especially not hobbits, who are made of sterner stuff than you might expect. You tell her about the time the Great Smials were haunted by the Ghost of the Old Took. 'Really?' she asks, quite alarmed. 'It was a real ghost? 'No,' you respond, 'it was a squirrel.'
We always help out our neighbors.
You tell Olwen that hobbits are always quick to help out their neighbors, such as the time you went in search of Old Sally for Belco Brockhouse. 'Who is Old Sally?' Olwen asks, 'It sounds like a good name for a horse or a pony.' You chuckle, and tell her that Old Sally was actually a pig, though she had the appetite of a horse.
It's true.