Nosey Hobbit

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Nosey Hobbit
Image of Nosey Hobbit
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire


Some hobbits are notorious for being gossip-mongers, while others are extremely curious or excited at the prospect of a new letter from friends and relatives. Nosey Hobbits are always happy to see a representative of the Quick Post mail service, although those delivering the mail are seldom happy to see them.

Quest Involvement

These quests are started at any Postman in The Shire and may be completed in any order.

Finish: [1] A True Friend to the Quick Post

More information: Quick Post


The Evil Eye at the mini-map

Nosey Hobbits are Quest-failer NPCs. During the mail delivery quests, if a player carrying a bundle of mail gets too close to a Nosey Hobbit and is detected, the quest will fail.

While a player is carrying the bundle of mail, Nosey Hobbits appear as an eye icon on the mini-map radar, allowing the player to see their location and attempt to avoid them.