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Image of Noora
Gender Female
Race Man
Region Forochel
Area Jä-rannit
Settlement The Ironspan
Map Ref [16.9N, 59.5W]


Noora may be found deepest within the Ironspan in Forochel, east-most and by the locked gates to Forodwaith. Together with Valio she is studying a Mysterious Relic.

Quest Involvement


"This can mean only one thing: the Witch-king is preparing to return."

What do you make of this?
"It is an artifact of great evil, and it fills me with fear. You too should be afraid. The Witch-king has done this."
You think the Witch-king did this?
"It was from this place that he cast his terrible winter upon us. Would he not come back to this place to revenge himself upon my people, who aided he enemies? This stone is a sign that he grows again in power, and has not forgotten his foes."
What does it mean for your people?
"It means we must do what we did of old. We must fight, as we did before. Nothing has changed."