Muster in Dol Amroth

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Dol Amroth-icon.png
 Muster in Dol Amroth
  • Induction: 8s
  • Allows the Warden to travel to Dol Amroth in Western Gondor.
  • Cost: 250 Power

General Information

Class: Warden

Level: 95

Requirement: Friend standing with Dol Amroth

Acquired From: Paper Sheet 1 (rare)-icon.png  Muster in Dol Amroth

Location: Quartermaster in Dol Amroth

Cost: 25Amroth Silver Piece-icon.png Amroth Silver Pieces

Tactical Information

Using this skill takes the Warden to Dol Amroth in the Havens of Belfalas in Western Gondor, near the Court of the Fount. [74.7S, 71.3W]