Moria Metal-worker

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Moria Metal-worker
Level: 56
Region: Moria
Area: The Redhorn Lodes

Type: Normal
Genus: Orc-kind
Species: Orc

Morale: 3,047
Power: 490
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Unknown
F.M. Immune: Unknown
Stun/Mez Imm.: Unknown
Root Immune: Unknown
Cry: Unknown
Song: Unknown
Tactical: Unknown
Physical: Unknown
Common: Unknown AncientDwarf: Unknown
Fire: Unknown Beleriand: Unknown
Light: Unknown Westernesse: Unknown
Shadow: Unknown Frost: Unknown
Lightning: Unknown

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  


Moria Metal-worker is found at the Moria Orc Forges in the Stazgnâkh area in the Redhorn Lodes within Moria:

Quest Involvement

Deed Involvement


Metalsmith Scroll Case (rare)-icon.pngWeaponsmith Scroll Case (rare)-icon.pngScholar Scroll Case (rare)-icon.pngBroken Engraving-icon.pngRelic of Khazad-dûm-icon.pngWorn Dwarf Carving-icon.pngEtching of Moria-icon.pngInfused Sapphire-icon.pngDrop of Hard Resin-icon.png Rusted Dwarf Tools-icon.pngBurglar's Tools of the Third Age-icon.png Broken Crossbow-icon.pngTrophy Sheath-icon.png