Men of Gondor

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Gondor-icon.png Men of Gondor

The people of the South-kingdom

The Men who dwelt in Gondor and defended the western World from Sauron, in part descended from Elendil and his followers, who founded Gondor after the Downfall of Númenor. [1]

Man: Bree-landMen of DaleGondorRohan
High Elves: BeleriandImladrisNargothrondGondolinOssiriand
Dwarves: Blue MountainsGrey MountainsIron HillsThe Lonely MountainWhite Mountains
Hobbits: FallohideHarfootStoor
Elves: EdhellondLindonLórienMirkwoodRivendell
Beornings: Vales of Anduin