Melian the Maia

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Melian the Maia lived in the First Age and was the wife of Elu Thingol, the mother of Lúthien Tinúviel, and the Queen of Doriath. Her marriage to Thingol was the first (and only known) coupling between an Ainu and a Child of Ilúvatar. It was she who used her powers to protect and guard Doriath by what was called the "Girdle of Melian". Her name in Sindarin means "Dear gift".

Before coming to Middle-earth, Melian dwelt in the gardens of Lórien in Valinor. She was the most skilled in songs of enchantment in the gardens and was often seen with nightingales. In Middle-earth, in eastern Beleriand, she met Elwë- Elu Thingol, as he is better known- and they fell into a deep trance together for years, while the trees of Nan Elmoth grew around them. Elwë's people, the Teleri, searched for him, but could not find him. Some continued on in their journey and became the Falmari of Alqualondë while those who stayed became the Sindar. The Iathrim, the Sindar of Doriath, remained hidden by Melian's power even when the rest of Beleriand was gradually being overrun by Morgoth's forces. Even he dared not face Melian directly in the heart of her power.

Galadriel stayed in Doriath for a time in the First Age, and Melian taught her many things. After Elwë's death, Melian returned to Valinor in grief.

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