Mead Hall of Faldham

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Mead Hall of Faldham
Region: East Rohan
Area: Norcrofts
Settlement: Faldham
Location: [54.4S, 57.5W]
Mead Hall of Faldham.jpg

The Mead Hall of Faldham is found in the centre of Faldham. [54.4S, 57.5W]

It is one of the smallest Mead Halls found in East Rohan. However, the hall is in good shape and it seems prosperous enough. Several dining tables are found within the hall and decorative banners are hanging from the edges of the wooden pillars.

Two elite guards are patrolling the edges while the Thane, and Elfmar stands proud at the end of the hall infront of his throne, speaking with one of his elite riders of the Elfward named Nothwulf. There is also a Guard of Faldham on Elfmar's left side, who you may ask questions about the current states of the settlement and the Thane.


The Exterior of Mead Hall of Faldham
Dining Tables
The emblem of Faldham, displayed on the banners

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Quest involvements