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Level: 62
Region: Enedwaith

Type: Signature
Genus: Ancient Evil
Species: Goat

Morale: 13,079
Power: 2,604
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Feeble
F.M. Immune: False
Stun/Mez Imm.: False
Root Immune: False
Cry: Fair
Song: Fair
Tactical: Fair
Physical: Fair
Common: Fair AncientDwarf: Fair
Fire: Fair Beleriand: Fair
Light: Fair Westernesse: Fair
Shadow: Fair Frost: Fair
Lightning: Fair

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  


Malh-gavar can be found during the Instance: The Old Woman of the Mountain at [63.4S, 13.9W]. He is an add of Gwyllion, Old Woman of the Mountain.

Quest Involvement


Malh-gavar is a Druggavar, and the "pet" of Gwyllion.

The Druggavar, derived from the Gwyllion of Welsh myth, are perhaps one of the strangest monsters to arrive in Middle-earth. Taking the physical form of demonic goats, these fell spirits haunt the herds of the Uch-lûth at night, bringing terror to the superstitious Men of Enedwaith. Like the Cuthraul, the Druggavar are Ancient Evil masters of terror, complete with new and terrifying (for goats) art and skills.