Major Ballad (Melody)

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Major Ballad (War-speech)-icon.png
 Major Ballad
  • 30m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Resistance: Cry
    Skill Type: Buff
  • Boosts healing capability while damaging the foe.

    Ballads unlock Anthems and Codas.

  • x -x Light Damage

  • +3% Healing to Outgoing Healing
  • -1% Power cost to all non-Anthem Skills
  • +1% Tactical Damage to all Ballads, Codas, and Cries.
  • Expires if out of combat for 9 seconds.
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 1s

Class: Minstrel

Level required: 2

Trait Branch and Set Bonuses

Legendary Item Legacies

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