Lenhwest's Flower

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Lenhwest's Flower
Lenhwest's Flower in the Vales
You have discovered the flower of Lenhwest. She was believed to be an Entwife known for her unquenchable passions. She could love as no other, but fury and despair were also her constant companions.
Amongst her sisters she was the first to give herself to the forest, swept by her own emotions to ensure its survival during the trials of those dark years. Her presense is strongly felt in these woods still.
It is for fear of Lenhwest's tempestuous anger that folk walk with care in the Old Forest, for many believe that if her heart turns against you, it is unlikely you will ever emerge from it again!
Before moving to the Old Forest she passed through and gardened in the Vales of Anduin where Gultháva, the Maiden of Gladden and other River Maidens befriended her.


Lenhwest's flower is located north of the Forlorn Glade. [33.3S, 57.5W]
Gultháva maintains a flower to remember her at Fil Sulmog, Woodsedge, just inside the northern edge of the camp. [8.3N, 54.3W]


This flower is one out of eight that need to be used to complete the deed: Flowers of the Old Forest.