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This page is about the reputations vendor in Enedwiath. For Legrindavor in Evendim, see Legrindavor (Evendim)
Image of Legrindavor
Role Barter
Gender Male
Race Race of Men
Region Enedwaith
Area Thrór's Coomb
Settlement Harndirion
Map Ref [69.4S, 13.8W]


Legrindavor is a reputation rewards vendor for The Grey Company found near the Mustering Horn in Thrór's Coomb, standing among the trainers near the skirmish camp in Enedwaith. He will trade Silver Token of the Wilds and Golden Token of the Wilds for the Grey Company reputation rewards. Legrindavor can also be found at Tirband in Annúminas when under The Wardens of Annúminas control.