Kergrim-slayer (Advanced)

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Deed Lore

Many of the foul Kergrim appear to have infested the valley in which the tombs of the ancient Dúnedain kings can be found. No doubt the Rangers of the North are enraged by the potential desecration of their ancestors' tombs by these beasts, but they can spare few men to root them out.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Defeat Kergrim in Evendim (100)
Your efforts to destroy the Kergrim infesting Evendim have been fruitful, but some of the beasts persist in the area. With luck, the Rangers charged with guarding these lands will be able to eliminate the remaining Kergrim in due time.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  Mark-icon.png 30 Marks
  Virtue Experience-icon.png Virtue Experience: +2000
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with The Wardens of Annúminas ( 700 )

Deed Chain Information

  1. Kergrim-slayer
  2. Kergrim-slayer (Advanced)

Additional Information

[] Men Erain area. [16.2S, 66.2W]

  • There are 12 Kergrim in this area.
  • Note: The Kergrim are spread out.

[] Haudh Valandur [16.4S, 66.5W]

  • There are 9 Kergrim in this Location (inside the tomb.)
  • Note: Kergrim have a fairly-fast respawn time in this location.
  • Note: The Kergrim are close together in this location.