Item:Universal Ingredient Pack

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Universal Ingredient Pack-icon.png
Universal Ingredient Pack
  • Bind to Account on Acquire
  • Barter Item
  • "This ingredient pack contains items needed in many different crafting recipes.

    Ingredient Packs cannot be used with Bulk or Expertise recipes.

    Items made with Ingredient Packs automatically bind to your account and are worth 1 copper."

Item Information

You can use this item in most recipes (excluding guild reputation and research items) from the crafting panel instead of using ingredients from your inventory. Your Universal Ingredient Packs are automatically placed into the Barter Wallet.

Note: A similar item called Apprentice Ingredient Pack, which you can still receive by completing two Explorer beginner crafting quest, will be converted into Universal Ingredient Pack upon acquisition.

Drop Information

Box 11 (store)-icon.png Ingredient Packs + Gold Winter Gift: Elk
Box 11 (store)-icon.png Ingredient Packs + Gold Wedding Gift: Ringló Steed
Box 11 (store)-icon.png Ingredient Packs + Gold Winter Gift: Goat Mount