Item:The Basics of Fishing

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  The Basics of Fishing
  • Unique
  • "A guide to learning the fundamentals of the fishing hobby."

Festival Information

This item is available during:

Quest Information

This item is a reward for the quest [10] To the Fishing Hole (Festival).

Item Information

You will receive this item, and a Basic Fishing Rod when you learn the Fishing hobby from a hobby master.

Using this item reveals the following guide:

The Basics of Fishing


Have you always wanted to take up fishing and get out into the great outdoors where you can enjoy nature while casting your line in the sparkling water? Well, now is a great time to start! Fishing is a hobby that can be pursured at your leisure and requires nothing more than a little patience and a fishing rod.

How to Fish

If you have not done so already, you will want to open up the Character Journal and click on the Hobby tab along the top. Here you will find information about fishing, as well as the Fishing Action button which you will want to assign to a quickslot.

To fish you will first need to locate a body of water: a lake, river, stream, or pond should suffice. Once you have picked out your fishing spot, you will need to equip your fishing rod and face towards the water. Press the Fishing Action button once to cast your line. Once the line has been cast, you will need to wait until you see signs of struggling - the bobber dipping under the water or your fishing rod getting tugged are definite signals. At this point, you will want to reel in your line by once again pressing the Fishing Action button. If you have reacted in time, then it should be a pretty safe bet that you have caught something -- let us hope that it is a fish!


Your first fishing-rod is a gift from the hobby-master. There are surely better fishing-poles available, but this one will do splendidly for a beginner.