Item:Superior Fourth Mark

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Superior Fourth Mark-icon.png
Superior Fourth Mark
  • Bind On Acquire
  • Barter Item
  • "This mark can be found in 6 and 12 person Classic Instances, played at level 75 and above. Challenge quests will always award this mark.

    It may be redeemed for unique rewards to Skirmish vendors, or redeemed for Skirmish Marks at the Skirmish Exchange vendor."

Item Information

This item used to be obtainable in group Skirmishes or Instances when completing daily Challenge Modes.

If you have this item in your vault, it will be moved to the Wallet when you withdraw it.

You must visit the Skirmish Exchange vendor to manually convert this item to your choice of Medallions or Seals. You can no longer barter for items using this item.

Barter Information

Barterer: Skirmish Exchange (Skirmish Camp)

Item to Receive Items to Trade
2Seal-icon.png Seals Superior Fourth Mark-icon.png Superior Fourth Mark
50Medallion-icon.png Medallions Superior Fourth Mark-icon.png Superior Fourth Mark