Item:Soothing Hymn of Dagorlad

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Soothing Hymn of Dagorlad-icon.png
  Soothing Hymn of Dagorlad
  • Item Level: 80
  • Consumed On Use
  • On Use:
  • -100% Gambit Builder Power Costs
    +5% Shield Gambit Healing
  • Duration: 25s
  • Cooldown: 3m
  • Minimum Level 80
  • Class: Warden
  • Cannot use with Effect: Battle Hymn
  • "Recitation of a hymn fills a Warden with renewed determination, making them more efficient combatants."
  • Worth: 3 Silver 15 Copper 
  • Stacks to 50

Craft Information

Profession: Woodworker

​Crafting Tier: Eastemnet (tier 8)

​Recipe: Eastemnet Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Soothing Hymn of Dagorlad Recipe


Standard Critical
Soothing Hymn of Dagorlad-icon.png Soothing Hymn of Dagorlad Soothing Hymn of Dagorlad-icon.png Soothing Hymns of Dagorlad