Item:Seregost Spire - Windowed

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Seregost Spire - Windowed-icon.png
  Seregost Spire - Windowed
  • Bind to Account on Acquire
  • Decoration Category: Small Yard
  • "A replica of a spire from Seregost, replete with glowing red windows. It has been re-sized to abide by local housing regulations."
  • Worth: 63 Copper 

Drop Information

This item can be found within a Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootbox-icon.png Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootboxs.

Barter Information

Barterer: Keeper of Mysteries

Item(s) to Receive Item(s) to Trade
Seregost Spire - Windowed-icon.png Seregost Spire - Windowed 3500Figments of Splendour-icon.png Figments of Splendour

This item can be disenchanted into 600Figments of Splendour-icon.png Figments of Splendour


Seregost Spire - Windowed