Item:Remmorchant Stat Tome Box

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Box 7 (store)-icon.png
  Remmorchant Stat Tome Box

Item Information

This item has a chance to drop from bosses in the Remmorchant raid instance.

Tome Box Contents

You can choose any of the following Stat Tomes upon opening the Stat Tome Box.

Agility Fate Might Vitality Will
Tome of Agility XV-icon.png Tome of Agility 15 Tome of Fate XV-icon.png Tome of Fate 15 Tome of Might XV-icon.png Tome of Might 15 Tome of Vitality XV-icon.png Tome of Vitality 15 Tome of Will XV-icon.png Tome of Will 15
Tome of Agility XVI-icon.png Tome of Agility 16 Tome of Fate XVI-icon.png Tome of Fate 16 Tome of Might XVI-icon.png Tome of Might 16 Tome of Vitality XVI-icon.png Tome of Vitality 16 Tome of Will XVI-icon.png Tome of Will 16
Tome of Agility XVII-icon.png Tome of Agility 17 Tome of Fate XVII-icon.png Tome of Fate 17 Tome of Might XVII-icon.png Tome of Might 17 Tome of Vitality XVII-icon.png Tome of Vitality 17 Tome of Will XVII-icon.png Tome of Will 17
Tome of Agility XVIII-icon.png Tome of Agility 18 Tome of Fate XVIII-icon.png Tome of Fate 18 Tome of Might XVIII-icon.png Tome of Might 18 Tome of Vitality XVIII-icon.png Tome of Vitality 18 Tome of Will XVIII-icon.png Tome of Will 18
Tome of Agility 19-icon.png Tome of Agility 19 Tome of Fate 19-icon.png Tome of Fate 19 Tome of Might 19-icon.png Tome of Might 19 Tome of Vitality 19-icon.png Tome of Vitality 19 Tome of Will 19-icon.png Tome of Will 19
Tome of Agility 20-icon.png Tome of Agility 20 Tome of Fate 20-icon.png Tome of Fate 20 Tome of Might 20-icon.png Tome of Might 20 Tome of Vitality 20-icon.png Tome of Vitality 20 Tome of Will 20-icon.png Tome of Will 20