Item:Prized Easterling Steed

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Mount 12 (rare)-icon.png
Prized Easterling Steed

Item Information


To use this item you must be Kindred with the Heroes of Limlight Gorge.


This mount can be bartered for Golden Token of the Anduin-icon.png 20 Golden Tokens of the Anduin.
Barterer is Arcil (Reputation Vendor at Stangard in The Great River).

Skill(s) Granted

Using this item grants the skill Mount 12 (skill)-icon.png Prized Easterling Horse or Mount 12 (skill)-icon.png Prized Easterling Pony, depending on your character race.

 Mount Stats

Speed = 62%
Morale = 250
Unable to evade.
Unable to parry.
Unable to block.