Item:Premium Ingredient Crate

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Premium Ingredient Crate

Item Information

The Premium Ingredient Crate is one of the personal Crafting Stations introduced in Update 17.1. It is a decoration item which can be placed in a Small Yard or Furniture space of a character's Personal House or a Kinship House and provides a daily allowance of Universal Ingredient Packs.

Vendor Information

  • This item is for VIPs only.
The crate is available for purchase via the in-game LOTRO Store. Regular price is 995 LOTRO Point .


  • The tooltip notes that it has a cooldown of 22 hours but this is per character.
  • This item has two different images. Ingredient Crate-2-icon.png as displayed in your inventory. Ingredient Crate-1-icon.png as displayed in the Housing Maintenance window.
  • While the Premium Ingredient Crate can only be purchased by a VIP account, and is bind to account on acquire, this facility may be used by anyone depending upon the permissions settings you have established for your house (Maintenance / Permissions / Use Decorations)
  • The crate can be opened once per day to find 6 Universal Ingredient Packs, which can be used to craft most items. (The crafted items are Bind to Account, i.e. cannot be traded to other players, and are only worth Copper , consequently they are primarily useful for levelling up a crafter.)
  • Each level 15+ character on an account can use this each day, i.e. an account with ten level 15+ characters can loot 60 packs per day.
  • With an active VIP subscription, it is possible to use this crate and the Ingredient Crate-1-icon.png Ingredient Crate, which gives three packs per day; giving a potential nine packs per day, per VIP account character.


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