Item:Premium Ingredient Crate

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Farming Garden-1-icon.png
  Premium Ingredient Crate
  • Bind to Account on Acquire
  • Purchased from store
  • Decoration Category: Small Yard
  • Cooldown: 22h
  • Minimum Level 15
  • "A crate that fills with lots of Universal Ingredient Packs once per day from an unknown benefactor.

    This crate is only useable by subscribers."
  • LOTRO Store: 995 LOTRO Point 

Item Information

The Premium Ingredient Crate is one of the personal Crafting Stations introduced in Update 17.1. It is an external decoration item which can be placed in a Small Yard space of a character's Personal House or a Kinship House and provides a daily allowance of Universal Ingredient Packs.

Vendor Information

  • This item is for VIPs only.
The crate is available for purchase via the in-game LOTRO Store.


  • The tooltip notes that it has a cooldown of 22 hours.
  • This item has two different images. Ingredient Crate-2-icon.png as displayed in your inventory. Ingredient Crate-1-icon.png as displayed in the Housing Maintenance window.
  • While the Premium Ingredient Crate can only be purchased by a VIP account, and is bind to account on acquire, this facility may be used by anyone depending upon the permissions settings you have established for your house (Maintenance / Permissions / Use Decorations)
  • The crate can be opened once per day to find 6 Universal Ingredient Packs, which can be used to craft most items. (The crafted items are Bind to Account, i.e. cannot be traded to other players, and are only worth 1 Copper , consequently they are primarily useful for leveling up a crafter.)
  • Each level 15+ character on an account can use this each day, i.e. an account with ten level 15+ characters can loot 30 packs per day.
  • With an active VIP subscription, it is possible to use this crate and the Ingredient Crate-1-icon.png Ingredient Crate, which gives three packs per day; giving a potential nine packs per day, per VIP account character.


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