Item:Premium Housing Writ

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Premium Housing Writ-icon.png
Premium Housing Writ
  • Bind to Account on Acquire
  • Item Level: 1
  • Barter Item
  • "These may be used in place of Mithril Coins to purchase Premium Houses."


Premium Housing Writs are awarded to you after you have abandoned your premium house or lost it in a world transfer; they are also awarded in the event of foreclosure. Additional writs can be purchased from the LOTRO Store, or received from the Premium Housing brokers Burginda, Nothwen and Seleflad in exchange for 25 Mithril Coin .


Premium Housing Writs can be used to purchase a variety of premium houses. They cannot be used in the same transaction with Mithril Coins. They also cannot be used to purchase standard houses.

Number Received

Players will receive different numbers of writs based on what type of Premium House they are abandoning or forfeiting. World transfers are awarded a number of writs equal to the purchase price of the house; abandonments and foreclosures will receive writs at a decreased rate, noted in the Housing Management panel. Currently, there are no rewards or penalties based on length of ownership.

Housing Cost Ranges & Conversion Rate

One Premium Housing Writ equals roughly 25 Mithril Coin . A Premium Housing Writ costs 250 LOTRO Point .
Premium house prices are currently within these ranges:


  • Premium Housing Writs will NOT be received when you abandon a house in a standard neighbourhood.
  • As of their introduction, Premium Housing Writs are not added to your wallet, but exist as an actual item.
  • As of Update 30 when you 'Sell' a premium house, you will now receive 90% of the purchase price in premium housing writs, up from 70%.