Item:Outfitting Yourself and Others

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  Outfitting Yourself and Others
  • Unique
  • Minimum Level 5
  • Starts Quest: Outfitting Yourself and Others
  • "A letter from the Masters and Mistresses of Apprentices who represent the many Craft Guilds of Middle-earth made certain that you received this letter inviting you to visit them."


This item is obtained from the Gift Pack which is given to the character via an in-game mail upon the completion of the Introduction Quests of the character creation.

Quest Information

This item starts the following quest:

Letter Content

The Crafting Guilds of Middle-earth thank you for all that you have done for the Free Peoples and would like to extend an invitation to speak with our representative, <NPC> at <location>.
We acknowledge your ability as a combatant and invite you to try your hand at less violent form of work, craftsmanship. You will find that <NPC> is an able teacher who can introduce you to pursuits ranging from cooking to scholarly to smithy and everything in bwetween.
The Crafting Guilds of Middle-earth