Item:Ornate Signal of the Veteran Burglar

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Veteran Signal-icon.png
  Ornate Signal of the Veteran Burglar
  • Bind on Acquire
  • Item Level: 246
  • Instrument
  • Empty Essence Slot-icon.png Empty Slot
  • +332 Agility
    +2908 Finesse Rating
    +238 Maximum Power
    +1331 Maximum Morale
    +5235 Physical Mastery Rating
    +15% Fellowship Manoevre Morale Healing Multiplier from Conviction
    +15% Fellowship Manoevre Power Healing Multiplier from Tactics
    +15% Fellowship Manoevre Damage from Might
    +15% Fellowship Manoevre Damage from Guile
  • Normal
  • Durability 80/80
  • Minimum Level 105
  • Class: Burglar

Item Information

Item to Receive Items to Trade

Veteran Signal-icon.png Ornate Signal of the Veteran Burglar

Reclaimed Pelennor Defender's Gear-icon.png Reclaimed Pelennor Defender's Gear