Item:Map to Hadudbab

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This page is about the map from Lotro Store. For the looted and lottery map, see Item:Map to Moria - Hadudbab
Map to Hadudbab-icon.png
  Map to Hadudbab
  • Item Level: 2
  • Consumed On Use
  • Cooldown: 10m
  • Minimum Level 51
  • Cannot use with Effect: Monster Play
  • Requires: Seeker of Deep Places
  • "Hadudbab is the location of the Scholar's crafting dungeon. This map will take you to the entrance of the dungeon."
  • LOTRO Store: 50

Item Information

This item is is available in the Lotro Store for 50 LOTRO Point 

Using this map will transport the character to the entrance of Hadudbab, the Scholar's crafting dungeon, found in the Durin's Way area of Moria [5.4S, 108.9W].