Item:Iron Gloves Recipe

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Journeyman Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
  Iron Gloves Recipe
  • Requires: Journeyman Metalsmith crafting ability
Heavy Gloves 1 (uncommon)-icon.png
Iron Gloves
Select Output
Crafting Panel - Left Arrow-icon.png 1/3 Crafting Panel - Right Arrow-icon.png
Journeyman Craft XP Earned: 6

Tool Required: Smithing Hammer
Facility Required: Forge

Crafting Panel - Proficiency-icon.png Ingredients:
Barrow-iron Ingot-icon.png
0/2 Barrow-iron Ingot

Crafting Panel - Mastery-icon.png Optional: Critical Chance: 5%
Chunk of Pale Brimstone-icon.png
0/1 Chunk of Pale Brimstone
☐ Use +45%
Critical Success Produces:
Heavy Gloves 1 (rare)-icon.png
Thick Iron Gloves

Other Output(s)

The previous items are the default outputs when selecting the recipe in the crafting panel. Using the Select Output buttons at the top right of the panel allows you to select another output, using the same ingredients:

Craft Item Critical Success
Heavy Gloves 2 (uncommon)-icon.png Dwarf-make Iron Gloves Heavy Gloves 2 (rare)-icon.png Thick Dwarf-make Iron Gloves
Heavy Gloves 3 (uncommon)-icon.png Elven Iron Gloves Heavy Gloves 3 (rare)-icon.png Thick Elven Iron Gloves