Item:Hooded Cloak of the Moth - Gift Wrapped

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Box 9 (store)-icon.png
  Hooded Cloak of the Moth - Gift Wrapped
  • Item Level: 1
  • Cooldown: 1s
  • "A Hooded Cloak of the Moth, folded, packaged, and ready to gift to someone special in your life."

Festival Information

This item is available during Spring Festivals since 2018.

While the gift box itself is not bound, the item inside becomes bound to account once opened.

It contains a Cloak of the Moth-icon.png Hooded Cloak of the Moth.

Barter Information

Barterer: Spring Rewards Vendor NPCs

Item(s) to Receive Item(s) to Trade
Box 9 (store)-icon.png Hooded Cloak of the Moth - Gift Wrapped 13Spring Leaf-icon.png Spring Leaves