Item:Gondorian Supplier Horn

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Gondorian Supplier Horn-icon.png
Gondorian Supplier Horn

The Gondorian Supplier Horn can be used to summon a Gondorian Supplier to your home.

Item Information

A Gondorian Supplier Horn (Supplier) may be purchased in the in-game Lotro Store for installation at your Personal House or Kin House. This facility may be used by anyone depending upon the permissions settings (Maintenance > Permissions > Use Decorations) you have established for your house and the standard Supplier will sell you certain crafting materials as well as buying items and repairing them.

If you have a house in the Homestead (any instance as long as it is the same race location) then you will also receive the appropriate vendor discount from the passive skill; such as Shire Home (-20%) or Shire Kinship Hall (-15%, whichever is the greater (not both) from this summoned NPC also.


  • This item has two different images. Gondorian Supplier Horn-1-icon.png as displayed in your inventory. Gondorian Supplier Horn-icon.png as displayed in the Housing Maintenance window.
  • The spawned NPC is a random female Gondorian Supplier who will utter an initial default comment on spawning, such as "Dark skies, dark tidings" or "I haven't slept in days".